Antonio Vivaldi

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Antonio Vivaldi was born on on March 4, 1678

He starting learning violin very young because his father was a violinist

Vivaldi began to study religion to become a priest at the age of 15

Because Vivaldi was a red head he earned the name Il Pretto Rossi which means the red priest

Vivaldi suffered from strettezza di petto which is basically fancy for asthma . Because of his asthma Vivaldi couldn’t learn any wind instruments.

He died from an internal infection on July 28, 1741 in Vienna

His Works

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Vivaldi was one of the most famous composers to come out of Italy during the Baroque period. His work was moving. 4 Seasons is one of Vivaldi’s most famous pieces… and for a good reason two. Containing twelve movements (three per season).


Starting with the Spring, you can hear just how happy and light with the violins playing. It really does remind you of spring. I can guarantee that everyone would recognize the first movement for sure. It is one of the most famous works from the baroque period. The second movement sounds a little more secretive. But the third movement brings back the playfulness of spring. I honestly wish I had the words to describe it but it word just turn out like it du du du da quickly with da du du over top, and that is not very technical or even understandable.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 8.13.52 PM

The first moment in Summer shows that rest can be powerful. This piece is composed of string instruments and a harpsichord on the background to make a lovely accompaniment. Then… the music changes tempo and gets louder, then soft. For me I interpreted that he was trying to show us how summer could change so quickly, how it could be nice then just change without warning. This is some of the first times in history where music would change so drastically without notice. If we take a look at the renaissance period, everything was still very church influenced and less experimentation was done. The third movement in summer is also very recognizable (at least for me I think i used to hear this song when I used to skate) Music is becoming more heavy at this point and you can hear it.

Autumn. Back to light and peppy as fall come. Seasons change. I defiantly think the first movement was on bugs bunny at some point. The first movement reminds me of spring and if you take a look spring and fall are some of the most similar (temperature wise). These seasons are less extreme which is reflected in the music. In the second movement, things start to take a slower pace. In autumn things begin to die, people become less busy. But the third movement finishes strong and fun.

Winter. Some pretty weird sounds were created here. Not your average C chord. it just goes to show you that in the Baroque period people were playing around with sound a lot more. People were less influenced by other people and started to play what that envisioned. IN the second movement it is also a little more mysterious.

If you have the time (its 42 minutes) listen to 4 seasons. It is a really fun whimsical piece. I’ve always had a respect for older music such as baroque and classical but I didn’t ever think that if I actually took the time to sit down and just think about it I would actually enjoy it. I found this piece fantastic and I loved how it reflected the four seasons. I’m defiantly more into heavier music such as punk, post-hardcore and different types of music and I love that I can hear how music throughout times that this piece has heavier elements. New music often just built off of previous music with just different influences and restrictions. Studying the Baroque period post is really helping me to grasp this concept.

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